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Antony Chodas,
Customer Service

Everyone agrees that the internet is a convenient source of great shopping opportunities; however, both retailers and consumers are wary of the risks which internet shopping seems to present. At McKittrick's Outfitters we share your concerns. We have made every effort to ensure that your shopping experience at our webstore is a positive one … that you will want to tell your friends about. McKittrick's Outfitters shopping is safe, convenient and fast!

Internet shopping involves trust. We need to trust you … and you need to trust us! To shop at our webstore, all we require is that you provide us with the details of your valid major credit card … Visa,  Mastercard or AMEX. We also have to know where to ship the goods you purchase. This personal information will only be used to process your order and then we delete it. We then take a few minutes to verify the details you give us with your credit card company. As long as everything checks out and the address of the cardholder on the credit card company records matches the shipping address, we begin processing your order. In most cases, your order will ship the same day unless the item is out of stock. It's that simple. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your order details upon checkout ... please use the ORDER NUMBER when contacting McKittrick's Outfitters.


We understand that you want to be sure you receive exactly what you ordered, on time. Your credit card company offers the protection of charging back to the retailer any sales in which the goods are not received or are not as represented. Therefore, the onus is on McKittrick's Outfitters to show that the correct goods were delivered in a timely manner. At McKittrick's Outfitters we value your business. We will always treat our customers the way we hope our customers will treat us. Your Credit Card bill will indicate that you purchased items from FOREST CITY IMAGE CENTER the parent company of McKittrick's.

We firmly believe in offering our customers a fair and equitable price from the start ... no deals, no hidden offers.

Many retailers inflate their prices so they can "negotiate" down to the selling price that is actually fair, thus giving the impression of offing to "deal" their price. This is misleading and unethical in our opinion and is not something we believe in.

Low price is something we strive to maintain, yet there are times that our competition will lower a price before we catch it or we simply 'goof' and price an item too high. The absolute lowest price is impossible to maintain, as there are always stores that monitor retail pricing (like ourselves) or are desperate for cash flow and will undercut anyone just to make a quick buck. Bear in mind that these types of practices do not lend themselves to a long-term commitment toward the customer and the store may not be around long enough to help if there is ever a need for service or assistance.

Whatever the situation - if you have seen an item cheaper at our competitor or if you feel that we have priced something too high, tell us and we'll do our utmost to rectify the problem. McKittrick's Outfitters wants to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

Return Policy
We offer a 7 day NO HASSLE exchange policy! This is a tremendous benefit to all customers of McKittrick's Outfitters that helps you overcome the uncertainty of purchasing something that you can't touch! This exchange policy simply states that McKittrick's Outfitters will gladly exchange products purchased on-line at within 7 days of the original purchase. This assumes 3 things 1. ALL products are in 100% perfect condition ... no scratches, no packaging damage & no marks 2. That shipping the binoculars back to McKittrick's Outfitters is at the customer's expense 3. Exchanges can only be done ONCE per year. These three things make it easier on the customer to buy with confidence!

If you are not completely satisfied with your McKittrick's Outfitters purchase and wish to discuss it for any reason, please contact You could also use this address to e-mail us any suggestions for making McKittrick's Outfitters better! Thank you. You can call the toll-free customer service number for McKittrick’s (and other on-line companies including Camera Canada, Binoculars Canada and McKittricks Scientific) at 1-877-764-5399.

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I just purchased the Tasco World Class 20-60X80 Zoom Spotting Scope. I just wanted to say I was really pleased how fast it arrived at my doorstep. Everything works great as well. Thanks for the great service!!
Chris Hansen